azhura_star (azhura_star) wrote in the_rat_cafe,

Should we keep "exotic pets"??

Now days you are hearing about people owning animals like skunks, prairie dogs, badgers and sugar gliders. Do you guys think that these animals are a bit too exotic to be kept as pets?  How much do we really know about these animals dietary needs housing, social stature and etc?  At what point to you say an animal is "too exotic"?

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I saw on tv that in America you can put pet skunks in shows, little dogs.
I'd like a pet skunk, cos they seem really sweet - but the fact that they have their 'smell glands' removed in order for this to be possible really puts me off.

I think a pet is too exotic if they are very big & could be a potential threat to owners or shouldn't really be caged (like tigers) or if something has to be changed on them in order to make them 'suitable pets' (like skunks or tarantulas)
that's a very good point. If you must alter an animal from it's original state, they should not be a pet.

Key word there is MUST. Spaying and nuetering you don't HAVE to do, but many people should.

Then again that brings up the argument that deglanding skunks isn't a MUST, and that safely restraining your 1000 lb. maneating tiger isnt' a MUST either....just a good idea.
i meant to type 'like dogs', not 'little dogs' :/

I'd like to have a big cat - my fave channel is 'animal planet', sad though that may seem, & in the time i had no job recently, i mostly spent my time watchin that & saw lotsa big cats as pets. It was so apealing!! But i still dont think its fair to them, unless you have acres of land they can play in.