azhura_star (azhura_star) wrote in the_rat_cafe,

A Message from your Community Administrator

Let's take a moment to talk about where we want to go with this community.  It's something that I didn't consider much when I began, being irritated with the last community I was a member of, my first thought was to just leave and make a comfortable and welcoming community.  Since you all are the "founders" of The Rat Cafe, I'm looking for input on where we should go from here.

I would like to be able to have this focus in part on our pets, obviously!  Our ratties are so wonderful and important (all of our other babies as well) and I would love to see pictures and stories down the road.  However, I would also like this community to takle some of the controversial and unusual topics that aren't brought up for fear of getting "slammed". 

Add any ideas or comments you have!

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