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My mother brought home a pair of rats when I was about 10 (I'm 22 now). I fell in love with her little babies, and have since never been without them. There was an Agouti Female and a Beige Dumbo Male, we named them Scooter and Skeeter.

Scooter and Skeeter never had babies, and we never got cage-mates for them. When they came home we knew little about rats, and I was too young to know that they should ideally have friends. After they passed on (about 2 years old) I learned more about them and found a petshop in the area (We recently moved to Chicago). I have always bought Agouti ratties, I just love the colouring and think it's absolutely gorgeous.

I've owned them on and off for years, and right now have 7 Agouti Females, and 3 Agouti Males. They are all in excellent health, except for my oldest Female, who is just getting older and older every day. She's blind now, and has survived an attack by my ex's cat who got into our bedroom one night while I left the girls out to play. She lost a hind leg, one of her ears, and most of her tail. Her balance isn't very good at all, but she's hanging on there. She visited our vet for about three months after her surgery to make sure she wasn't in pain and was healing well. Since then I haven't taken her back. She is getting older, but doesn't seem to be having any more problems beyond her age.

Her name is Gabrielle, and I'll be horribly sad when she's gone, she's my friend and I've been through so much with her. I wish there was some way to turn back time and have her as a baby again.

I do breed my babies, but I tend to have one litter every two years or so when I gather enough interest in the babies. I'm also hesitant to breed too many litters since, yes, my rats are from a petstore (gasp!!). I love my ratties so much, I'll try to take some pics and post them soon.
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