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Welcome to The Rat Cafe!!! This is a place for you to pull up a seat and relax for a while. Share your stories, ask questions, post pictures & articles. Talk about your Rats, your Hamsters, Mice, Sugar Gliders, Ferrets....any and all small animals are welcome here (though we mainly focus on our Rats. We are open to enthusiasts no matter what your age or level of experiance. Wether you own, breed, show, know someone who owns, or have an interest in Rats in general, we welcome you with open arms.

The main focus of this community is to make a safe place for users to share without feeling like they are being judged or tormented. This community will be watched like a hawk, and anyone making a point of embarassing, taunting, or attacking anyone else will be immediatly banished with no questions asked. We want to keep an open zone here where no questions are held back, and constructive criticism can run free.

We are not a community base for "feeder breeders", but if you breed mice for your reptile and still enjoy your pet ferret you are more than welcome here. However, if you are breeding stock for your reptiles I would recommend not posting questions or entries about your stock breeding. We are owners and lovers of small animals first, and would like to keep this place free of "feeder" posts.

A lot of posts will be dealing with controversial pet issues. These are things that seem like unsafe ground for conversation in most pet places, so here we will confront them.

This is a new community, so we are just getting off on our feet. Feel free to join us! Be respectful of others, and debate maturly and constructively.